Cyprus the third largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea with a population estimated at 1 200 000, located at the eastern end of Europe, at the crux of the busy shipping and air routes linking three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. Its strategic location makes the island a safe heaven blessed by the beautiful nature, year-round sunshine, modern infrastructure, a high standard of living and a genuine culture of warmth and hospitality

Cyprus was ranked as the 5th best relocation destination worldwide and is a famous place for retirement. The island offers an enviable lifestyle with a high standard of living in a clean and healthy environment. Residents benefit from a well-advanced and modern infrastructure, that makes day-to-day life easy, cost-effective and efficient. The low cost of living and the high quality of life is without a doubt two of the Cyprus’ most compelling advantages.

A combination of safety, hospitality, excellent weather and beautiful surroundings make the experience of living on the island one to be desired and enjoyed.

Cyprus's ideal strategic location, advanced infrastructure and high quality of life do nοt only represent key reasons to relocate and live in Cyprus but are also at the heart of its attractiveness to investors. It has a modern, free-market, service-based economy with an effective and transparent regulatory and legal framework offering international investors and domestic business confidence to invest, grow and prosper.

Our Base

  • South-East of Cyprus

    South East of Cyprus is also known as Famagusta, named after its sandy beaches, thus called Ammochostos (buried in the sand) that comprises of the well-known buzzing areas of Ayia Napa, Protara and Paralimni. Famagusta area is the number one destination for tourists and is only about 30 minutes drive away from the Larnaca International airport, the largest airport of the island.


  • South-East of Cyprus

    Ayia Napa is an all year popular holiday resort with various seafront developments such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, night clubs and waters sports centres. It has beautiful sandy beaches like the world famous Nissi Beach, Makronissos Beach and Ayia Thekla Beach where Ayia Napa Marina is located, the biggest seafront development in Cyprus.


  • South-East of Cyprus

    Protaras is a seasonal holiday resort famous for its family friendly environment. It has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island, with many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and water sports centers offering various boat cruises along their services.

    The South-East coast of Cyprus consists of the most popular tourist destination of the island as it boasts some of the best beaches and nightlife in the Mediterranean, along with panoramic landscapes, mesmerising sea views and unmissable cultural sights and attractions. The crystal-clear waters of the South-East coast are perfect for scuba diving and glass bottom boat cruises.


  • South-East of Cyprus

    Paralimni town is only 10 minutes drive from the buzzing resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras and it offers residents of the South-East coast a more family oriented, all year round living experience. It provides all necessary amenities for a permanent living such as international schools, hospitals and other.


Cyprus Benefits

Healthy GDP Growth.

Easy Company Registration and Competitive cost of
running a business.

Business Friently Legal and Reulatory System based on
Common Law.

Attractive Tax Regime in line with EU Regulations
and 60+ Double Tax Treaties.

Wide range of investment options including Alternative
Investment Funds of Cyprus International Trust

Strategic location of Cyprus allows easy access to Europe,
Middle Eastand Africa through 2 international airports available
on the island.

Freedome in the movement of Capital and convenient location to
set up operations for various Auxiliary services and for company
headquarters to support activities in the EMEA Region.

Low Statutory Fees.

Mediterranean climate. Average of 320 days
of sunshine.

EU Member state with economic and
political stability

There are no restrictions on foreign investor’s access to
financing in Cyprus and borrowing from foreign sources.

Sophisticated Human Talent and advanced Level
of Services.