What buying off-plan means, is the buyer chooses a property and signs a contract to purchase it, before the property has been built, or in some cases, when the build is underway but not yet complete. There are some significant advantages to buying an off-plan property, and many young people are making the most of these benefits and opting to buy off-plan in preference to a property that’s already built. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why off-plan properties are so attractive to young buyers… 


Your house is likely to increase in value before you even move in 

When you purchase a house from a plan, of course there will be a length of time where you’re waiting for your new home to be built. You’ll pay the market price for the property at the outset, and so when you come to move in later down the line, it’s more than likely that the value of the property will have increased. So you’ve made a profit before you’ve even moved in!  


You’ll have the pick of the properties  

When you purchase a property that has already been built, you’ll usually find your options limited, with only a handful of properties available in your preferred area. Get in early and buy off-plan, and you can take your pick of the different types of residence and the specific location.  


It gives you flexibility  

Even if you’re not yet ready to move, you can purchase your off-plan property and have the peace of mind that you’ve invested your money wisely, and you can make further decisions down the line when the house has been built. You may want to live in your property, or alternatively, you may want to use it as a holiday home, or rent it out for a while.  


Affordable, value for money  

New build properties are built to the highest of standards, and these days, energy efficiency is always a priority. Buy a new property and you know that you won’t have to replace anything for a long time, and there will be no shoddy repairs from a previous owner. With energy-saving built into the fabric of the building, you should also find that your bills are low.  


You’ll be able to customise your new build property 

When you buy a used home, you’re stuck with the choices made by the previous owners. When you buy off-plan, it’s likely the developers will give you lots of options to personalise your new property to your own tastes. This could be anything from the layout of the kitchen units to small but important details such as paint colours and door handle styles.  


Why not look for your own off-plan dream home?  

If your interest in off-plan properties has been piqued, Cysense has some amazing off-plan properties available in idyllic, picturesque locations in cosmopolitan Famagusta and sunny Protaras. Do visit our website to see the available projects, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding our off-plan properties.  


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