True, Ayia Napa is mostly known as the ideal destination for summer lovers, for good many reasons. A tourist magnet with its mesmerising azure waters and fine sand beaches, Ayia Napa soon gain fame as the ultimate nightlife hotspot across the island, but over the last years several attractions, like its amazing water park and the permanent funfair, have made it perfect for families too.  

Still, Ayia Napa has more in store for you, since nature has managed to infuse in this small piece of land as much of its beauty and charm as possible. Check out 3+1 natural wonders that you must surely visit.  


Mother nature was surely in a romantic mood when it shaped this amazing sculpture. The Love Bridge, iAyia Napais a naturally formed stone passage connecting an imposing boulder with the rocky shore.  

Standing over serene azure waves, and against majestic sunsets for centuries, the Love Bridge is popular among photo buffs and honeymooners. Some couples have even used the place as their wedding venue. The legend has it that kissing a loved one while standing in the middle of the bridge arch, any wish you may make will surely come true.  

Believe it or not, there is no harm in trying!  


The rough cliffs of Cape Greco and its unspoiled plateau take on a different charm each season – but in the summer months, its beauty is irresistible.  

Designated as a National Forest Park in 1993, Cape Greco covers a vast area that once was a dense juniper forest, cruelly destroyed a hundred years ago. Junipers have started to grow again, however, and several endemic plants and wildlife have given back to the area its wild appeal.  

Aside from its rich fauna, which includes foxes, hares, and more than 80 species of birds and rare butterflies, Cape Greco offers amazing vistas of the sea, several sea caves for exploration, a quaint lighthouse, and several historical attractions, including an ancient temple of Aphrodite. The best way to explore the area on foot, through some of its numerous hiking trails, or on bicycle.  


Sea Caves  

Ayia Napa’s sea caves dot its spectacular shoreline on the edge of the resort, towards Cape Greco. Partially underwater and extending for almost a hundred meters, they are best explored with a combination of snorkeling and hiking.  

According to a local legend, the caves have been the treasure vault of pirates, who used the cavernous tunnels and natural bridges connecting most of them to store their nefarious wealth. Marine life is very rich in these waters, so fishing and scuba diving are also very popular. For more adventurous souls, cliff diving is permitted from certain points, offering jumps from more than 30 feet high!  

Nissi Beach  

Last under no circumstance least, Nissi beach, the world-renown sandy beach that has been one of the first reasons Ayia Napa became such a famous summer destination.  

Stretching for more than 1,500 feet along emerald waters, Nissi (“island” in Greek) was named after the small isle opposite the beach, protecting it from rough waters and creating a wonderful swimming haven, with serene and surprisingly shallow waters.  

Apart from its spectacular beauty, the beach offers visitors all sorts of amenities, from sunbeds and restaurants to waters sports, diving facilities, and party venues! Adrenaline addicts come here for windsurfing and bungee jumping, but the longshore allows relaxation seekers to just unwind enjoy sunbathing all day long.  

Spending your summer days in Ayia Napa by the seaside can be truly refreshing and rejuvenating! A rare blend of natural beauty, cosmopolitan ambiance, and all kinds of amenities, Ayia Napa is a drop of heaven – and we offer it to you.  

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