It’s that wonderful time of the year again when we beautifully decorate our homes for the festive season. For many of us, it’s the same old decorations year after year, but doesn’t that get a little dull? Why not try something different this year and create a Christmas display that’s truly breath-taking. Here are some ideas for taking your home décor to another level this Christmas…

Try a new colour scheme

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The colours of your festive display are certainly a huge feature. If you tend to stick to the traditional red, gold and green then it’s time to transform your thinking and realise that all colours can be Christmas colours! Simple black and white can look so elegant, with the addition of some metallic tones for that luxurious feel. Blues and silvers always make a room feel magical, and for a modern design that’s totally on-trend, how about lime green and neon pink? If you have a box of mixed colour decorations, get them out and start placing different colours together until you find a combination that you love.


Defy expectations

Your Christmas visitors will know your usual style and so they’ll be expecting the same again. So why not mix it up this Christmas? If your Christmas décor is usually very minimalist, with all your tree decorations symmetrically balanced and colour co-ordinated, why not go wild with a retro 70s style tree and pile on a great mixture of kitsch multi-coloured decorations. The great thing about Christmas is there’s no such thing as ‘over the top’.

Pay attention to your table

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Christmas dinner is a big part of Christmas Day, so make your table truly spectacular with festive crockery, linen napkins, perhaps with a fun Christmas print and a beautiful centrepiece of flowers or candles. Gold cutlery and crystal glasses add a touch of decadence, and a pretty table runner will add colour and luxury.


Your tree, your way!

Of course, the focal point of most Christmas decorating is going to be the tree. If you’re choosing a real tree this year, it can be tempting to spend ages looking for the most symmetrical, perfect tree. But you can simply have a fake tree if you want that neat and tidy style. So why not pick a tree that looks natural, that’s a little quirky?  You could then take the natural theme into the decorations with birds, flowers and foliage. You don’t have to just use traditional Christmas decorations on your tree, so think outside of the box and check out wedding, Halloween or Valentine’s Day ornaments too, whatever suits your own unique style! 


Bring the outdoors into the living room

Over the winter period, you’ll be spending more time in your living room, so make it cosy and welcoming with some green foliage on the mantelpiece. You could add in some faux flowers, so you don’t have to keep replacing fresh ones. A hyacinth plant will add a beautiful aroma to your room. A wreath can work as well on a living room wall as it does on your front door, and you’ll get to enjoy it more too!

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The Christmas present of your dreams

 You’ve made your home beautiful for Christmas, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the home you’ve always dreamt of by the time next Christmas comes around? Why not give yourself a fabulous Christmas present by taking the first steps to finding your dream home and start putting those plans in place? Visit the Cysense website and find that perfect forever home. 

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