Lying in the Mediterranean sun is the beautiful island of Cyprus. God’s small creation of land in this side of the world is famous for its crystal-clear beaches and its hospitable people. However, there’s so much more than meets the eye. In the article below, you will read five reasons which make Cyprus the ideal place to spend the rest of your life.


5: Health Services: The National Healthcare System of Cyprus has been recently enacted, and it promises easy and free access to health services. Hospitals in Cyprus, both private and state-owned, are equipped with high-end facilities, and most medical treatments are available. The main hospitals of the island are also easily accessible by car or by bus across the cities, with most of them being no more than 20 minutes away from the city centre.

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4: Topography: Cyprus’ topography is blessed with diversity: broad fertile plains, rugged mountain ranges and glistening coastline, all within an area of just 9,251 km². This diversity allows for a plethora of outdoor activities to be done. From trekking to climbing and from swimming to mountain climbing, the options here are endless.

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3: Hospitality: If it’s one thing that resonates with the tourists visiting the island is the hospitality of the Cypriots. Waking to a smiley “Kalimera” in the morning and going to bed with a warm-hearted “Kalinihta” can make a typical day in Cyprus quite exceptional. The instantly likeable Cypriot will invite you round for coffee (the one we call “Kipriakos”) or food (with “souvla” as the main protagonist, of course). Most importantly, Cypriots are known for being extremely respectful towards people of different race and ethnic background. Not once will you feel unwelcomed or disrespected.

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2: Climate: Favoured with a Mediterranean climate, Cyprus enjoys long summer periods and short, mild winters, with significant precipitation falling mostly in the mountains. Natural disasters in the island are extremely rare, and the climate is generally quite pleasant, especially in transitional months such as March, April, October and November. What’s fascinating about these months is that the weather conditions, coupled with the topography of the Island, offer unique opportunities. For example, in a typical month of April, you may start your day with sunbathing in one of the beaches in Famagusta – Protaras, Ayia Thekla and Ayia Napa.

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1: Food: Heavily influenced by the people that have taken over this island the Cypriot cuisine bursts with a plethora of aromas and herbs, all deriving from the Mediterranean cuisine. This type of food is deemed by scientists to have multiple benefits on human health and contribute to longevity, as the famous example of Ikaria proves. The people there base their diet exclusively on the Mediterranean cuisine.

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Cyprus offers a unique proposition: one that promises a long healthy and, above all, happy life. At this point, it is up to us to step in and reap the benefits.

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